It was a misty night

the wind swept through

Only to break the silence of the night.

the leaves rustled

trees swayed,

enough to send chill down the spine


Walked he did

a lone starnger

a big gate in front

resting on its rusty hinges,

as it was opened

it creaked

it screamed

for it had reamined untouched for ages.

A murmer ran through the cemetry

among the gathered souls


Each gliding bak to their graves

as teh stranger walked

a strange fragrance filled

the ever gloomy atmosphere


He walked up to a grave

A memmory churned up in his mind

of his past,

of his life

He was lost

and the grave become moonlit

and the mist moved from the nameboard

he saw a name


It was a hammering realization!

His name upon the grave,

Why was it so??

Thoughts upon thoughts of why

crept into his mind

Was he at peace now??

In this cold mist night?


The other souls came along,

they too nodded in understanding

as they dispersed for the night,

he too glided into his grave


The wind swept through,

the gates closed

the trees swayed.

It was a misty night!!!!!!!1