This day, the sun turns black
to herald the shine
on the other zenith.
The earth spins faster.
I roll
and fall down.
Years later, now,
strange that it goes on
with exact date.
There, on the other hemisphere,
the hands get coupled and tight.
My fingers cross each other.
Relations are hallucinations.
A dream, a mirage or an apparition
that fakes real as we are in it.
Once we get out,
we feel it life-
so magically unreal.
We then turn into distorted spectres
and struggle to find a home
to rest our mind on…
I find no place.
No peace.
No emotion.
Not even myself!
The world smiles at me,
laughs at my tears
and pushes me centred.
I feel alien
to the laughing crowd
and happy minds.
I erupt like a volcano
melting my ways
before and after.
I get violent
with bleeding tears
and shouting silence.
I get ashamed
at the nudity
that my mind displays.
Lock me up in a jail
within metal bars of insanity
to help me die out.
Lend me no food
to calm the acids of hunger.
Let my hunger hope births.
Let them eat up myself
inch by inch.
My words to the last.
My losses are tied with a string dated
‘July 3′.
The string reaches to my neck,
gets fastened and suffocates me.
With every choke,
I give out my breaths.
I spit my thirst.
Death!!! You trepid almighty!
I dont fear you more than myself!
Take me!
with my last word-
‘July 3′
This day marked ‘period’
to a mighty friendship.
A mightier one too…
and a weaker heart.
Take me!,
all alone.
Spare my thoughts.
They dont hav a soul.